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Having It All: Why We Need New Stories About Female Superheroes (TedxWaterlooWomen talk)

So here it is! On December 1, 2011, I was invited to give a talk at TedxWaterlooWomen in Waterloo, Ontario. The event’s theme was “The Space Between” and my topic […]

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Guest post up on SocialNorth: My Twitter True Story (An Analytical Perspective)

I first met Julia Rosien at the TedxWaterlooWomen event back in December. She was our MC and did a great job hosting the day. Since then, we’ve continued to chat […]

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UPDATED! Tuesday Blink: The status of my TedxWaterlooWomen video

I gave my TedxWaterlooWomen talk on December 1, 2012. My topic was Having it all: Why we need better stories about female superheroes. It was a fantastic event. I delivered […]

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