Taking the analysis on the road: Recent web talks

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Making presentations is becoming one of the best parts of my day job. I love sitting down with a group of people to talk about the approach they’ve taken with a website or a 愛 communications strategy and about how it can be improved. The challenge is to help people form a clear assessment of where they are, raise some possibilities about where they a might go and hammer out a strategy for how best to get there.

Once the brainstorming gets underway, it’s rewarding to watch as the group gels around a particular direction and gets excited about their plan.

Huddle 2010

This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak several cheap mlb jerseys times about how I’m using Twitter, blogging and centrally-generated content (courtesy of wholesale jerseys my colleagues who produce YFile each and every day) to promote York University’s research Jovi agenda.

In June, I was asked to speak cheap jerseys about social media to Huddle 2010, which was held at the University of Toronto.I’d tell you more about the Huddle folks, but they keep their conferences pretty low on the Internet radar. I understand there’s a new site in development — when I get the link, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, you guy’s can view my presentation, “Tying Social wholesale nba jerseys Media to Your Communications Strategy,” on Slideshare. There are some annotations, so watch the notes have field as you go.

Tying Social Media to Your Communications Strategy title page

Knowledge Mobilization Retreat

In August, I attended a retreat for York’s Knowledge Mobilization group. If you haven’t run across it yet, Knowledge Mobilization is a huge trend in social sciences research. It connects research and researchers with people and organizations who need sustainable solutions to complex social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges. The research they develop is truly collaborative with the organization’s needs informing the researcher’s approach and the application influenced by the researcher’s expertise.

We met downtown at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation med — it’s a fantastic space and 2006 proves how crucial the occasional break in surroundings is for stimulating creative thinking. While the content remains confidential, you can read about their impressions of my talk on the Mobilize This! blog.

Mobilize This! screenshot