Air Canada’s promotional codes in action

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When I posted last week about how to find the lowest possible ticket price on Air Canada’s website, I hadn’t been able to find a sale that recreated the original conditions I first noticed.

Happily, I received another sale notice last weekend. I can now demonstrate the difference between shopping for fares directly from the homepage versus clicking through the sale section or a promotional email alert.

The sale was for 30 per cent off from flights out of select city airports, including Toronto Island Airport — a key location for Air Canada’s competitor, Porter Airlines. I randomly decided to search for tickets to Montreal.

Here’s what a flight to Montreal would cost you for one adult traveling on October 12 if you viewed fares directly through the website’s main search mechanism:Air Canada ticket prices from Toronto to Montreal--website direct route

For a mid-week flight, $89 a leg seems reasonable, right? In the past, I likely would have looked at that and thought I was getting a good deal.

But with the discount applied via either the promotional section or the Websaver email I received, that $89 drops to $62 for exactly the same ticket: Air Canada sale ticket prices via the promotional discount

If you want full details on how this quirk of Air Canada’s website works, check out my original post.

Given the amount of traffic it received (easily the most popular in The Analytic Eye‘s short history), I hope others are also enjoying slightly more affordable Air Canada flights. Thanks to @qui_oui and @thezenmonkey for helping to spread the word on Twitter.