A Year of The Analytic Eye (2010-2011)

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Yesterday, The Analytic Eye celebrated its first birthday. The blog officially launched September 26 with my inaugural post, Social Media Lessons from Bon Jovi.

The Bon Jovi post is still the most popular of the 25 I’ve published in the last year. For those keeping track, that works out to slightly less than a post every two weeks, which was my initial goal. Given the baby situation and its impact on my free time and productivity, I can live with that.

Here are a few other standouts posts:

After taking June Li’s Google Analytics course through the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Studies back in May (which I would recommend), I introduced two goals to my Analytics report for the site (visits of more than 1:30 duration; more than three pages visited).

To make it interesting, I arbitrarily decided each goal would be worth $0.25. In the roughly four months since, those goals have generated $93.75 in imaginary revenue with a 16.85 rate of conversation. Not stellar, but it gives me a target to match — and beat — going forward.

The bulk of my traffic is Canadian, but I seem to have some regular visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Australia. Google searches are my biggest source of visitors, with direct and Twitter referrals rounding out the top three.

So to those who have made a habit of visiting, thank you for reading — here’s to another exciting year ahead.

5 Responses to “A Year of The Analytic Eye (2010-2011)”

  1. June Li

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on The Analytic Eye’s first birthday!

    Thanks for mentioning the iSchool’s Google Analytics course. I’m happy you had practical takeaways from the course. Kudos to you for putting knowledge into practice – that’s the really hard work of analytics.

    Will you be attending Web Analytics Wednesday Toronto on October 26? I’ll be there.


    • emw

      Hi June,

      Thank you for the kind words and the event recommendation. I haven’t done as much with Analytics as I would like to, but have plans to do more over the next stretch.
      I’ll definitely consider the event. The only reason I hesitate is that it coincides with a friend’s birthday. Hopefully, I can do both.
      Thanks for visiting and take care!


  2. Bruce Stewart

    Hi, Elizabeth:

    Congratulations as well, and thank you for the course mention. It’s very much appreciated.

    Here’s to your next year!


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