Lately, It’s Been A Little Quiet Here …

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. . . and that is because:

  • I was on vacation in British Columbia (springtime at Butchart Gardens is amazing):
  • I got a new job.

As of Monday, I’ll be the Marketing and Communications Manager at MaRS Innovation.

I do expect my posting frequency will be slower for the next little while as I adjust to the new commute, environment and responsibilities.

There’s a lot going on at MaRS Innovation and I’m excited about the challenges ahead.

I have two posts in progress that I hope to have up shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy some more springtime awesome at Butchart:

4 Responses to “Lately, It’s Been A Little Quiet Here …”

  1. Kate

    Wow, congratulations Elizabeth! MI is very lucky to have you on board.

    Hope we can meet and catch up this summer. Would love to visit your new office.

  2. KKS

    Hey emw

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am very happy for you; make sure you get a corner office!!!!


    • emw

      Thanks, Karen. Let me know when you’re in the neighbourhood and we’ll have that long-promised lunch. 🙂


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