Good Things Come in Threes: Fish, Books and TAE’s Redesign

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My beautiful fish
My beautiful fish

Today, three excellent things happened:

  1. I received an excellent rainbow fish from my elder child.
  2. 10 copies of The Book of Business Awesome arrived in the mail, courtesy of Scott Stratten (@unmarketing). Thanks, Scott!
  3. Sometime in the next 12 hours, the redesign of my site will launch. Maybe it has already.

Red letter day, huh?

My Chapter, Nightmares, in The Book of Business Awesome
My Chapter, Nightmares, in The Book of Business Awesome

What’s Changing with The Analytic Eye?

The short answer is nothing in terms of content and lots in terms of how you access it.

A few highlights:

  • You will notice I have a new logo for The Analytic Eye. I’ve been using it on Facebook for a while.
  • There’s a modified half version in blue to distinguish Analytic Blinks.
  • Generally, a classier look and feel, courtesy of my designer and friend, Richard Rudy (@thezenmonkey).
  • Highlight feature for recent posts so you don’t have to scroll for a zillion pixels.  You’ll also find the archives are better organized for browsing.
  • Archived posts that are easier to access through the chronological menu, if that’s your thing.
  • Rolled up results when you do a search or click a hashtag. In the past, the posts appeared in full and regular readers will know that mine can be, let’s be honest, kind of long. I hope this will make it easier to find topics that interest you.
  • An estimated read length feature at the top of each post. I have never used anything like this before and hope it’s a good idea. Let me know if you find the estimates accurate and helpful.

You may notice some wonky things with images as we iron out the bugs. The old way I did photos doesn’t work for this layout.

We’ll be working on transitioning the archive over to the new format over the next few days. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Thank You, Rick!

I never intended the old look and feel to stick around so long, but that’s life when you’re blogging on the side and your designer is (amazingly and as a huge favour) working for free.

Thanks, Rick, for all your hard work.

Check Rick out on his Tumblr, A Tweet’s Not Enough, and the website for his company, design+awesome.

I would also like to thank my Facebook group for their feedback on the beta design. You guys rock.

Got Feedback?

Love it? Hate it?

Let’s talk in the comments.

Also, feel free to let me know if you run across a bug or anything that strikes you as sufficiently random to not be part of the design.

The Book of Business Awesome is so good, babies are reading it.
The Book of Business Awesome is so good, babies are reading it. Go get your copy already!