The Analytic Eye gets a shoutout in Forbes

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Twitter sometimes starts conversations you don’t expect.Which in turn can produce unexpected, real-world results.

The other day, I noticed an interesting tweet from @Jenna_Goudreau who writes for @Forbes and @Forbes Woman.

Jenna Goudreau original tweet about signing emails with XO

So I answered.

As a result, she asked for permission to quote our very brief conversation.

Response to Jenna Goudreau

Her article, “XOXOXO: Are ‘Hugs And Kisses’ To Coworkers Ever Appropriate? – Forbes” came out on Monday.

And low and behold, I was quoted.

I’ve never met Goudreau. We don’t live in the same country, let alone the same city. If I needed more than one hand to count our Twitter exchanges, I would be surprised.

But this is the kind of immediate reach the Twitter platform provides, particularly if you’re interested in connecting with journalists.

I didn’t know Goudreau was writing a response to The Atlantic piece. I just thought it was an interesting conversation and jumped in.

The last three exchanges I had with journalists as part of my duties for MaRS Innovation were all done through Twitter.

So, do you use Twitter?

If you don’t and you work in communications or marketing, consider this a tiny example of the dialogue you’re missing.