It’s launch day! Visit Elizabeth

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It’s launch day! I’m excited for you to visit Elizabeth

It’s my new digital space to showcase my professional work, including key projects and current writing projects, along with speaking and media appearances.

I’ve had a new professional website on my goals list for about 18 months, but deciding what I wanted to accomplish and prioritizing the work took some time.

Nothing like a pandemic to clear your calendar, huh?

Making headway on my new website has been a focus of mine during 2020. I’m thrilled to finally be launched.

Special to Richard Rudy with Design + Awesome for his design and web development work. Long-time followers may remember we collaborated to build this site.

I also want to thank Tara van Leerdam for her stellar photography work.

Curious? Drop by and have a look!

I’d love to connect and hear your thoughts.