Tuesday Blink: Bad Grammer Is Distracting

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Welcome to the first Analytic Blink. You’ll find a bit about why I’ll be writing Analytic Blinks as an ongoing site feature in my previous post.

So let’s get to it.

I work in downtown Toronto.

Everyday, I walk by this bus shelter ad: Hotel Booking 2.0 Bus Shelter Ad

And everyday I continue walking, wondering what it is that Google can’t find.

  • The secret room rates?
  • Better room rates?
  • A definition for Hotel Booking v.2.0? (97,000,000 results for those keeping score)
  • The hotel, period?
  • This woman’s lover?
  • A reason why an exclusive loyalty program that purports to be for ‘company travel’ would run such a sexually suggestive ad? Try sliding that past your procurement department.
  • More seriously, in this economy, where do you have to work for it to be okay to book room rates at Toronto’s luxurious boutique hotel? I will go out on a limb and guess somewhere that doesn’t get its accommodation ideas from bus shelter ads.

There is a noun missing there, creative team.

And so I am not thinking about booking a room at the Soho Metropolitan.

I am noticing your grammar, not your message.