Moneyball, Dating Websites and 6 Ways Data Can Help You Avoid Irrational Decisions

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So Moneyball didn’t win any Oscars last night. Boo. It was definitely my favourite film of this Oscar season and the only one I’ve watched multiple times. I remain fascinated […]

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Can a savvy, musical social media campaign repair bad customer relationships?

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Today, I’m going to do something I never thought I would do when I started this blog. I’m going to talk about tampons and social media. Somewhere, my parents just […]

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Dear Microsoft: Cheryl’s ad will not make me buy a new computer

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When you have no cable and seven television channels, your threshold for irritating ads is considerably lower than that of the average person. This week, I’m irritated by Microsoft’s Windows […]

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Want fries with that McDonald’s combo? Only if they’re downsized

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Last weekend we stopped at a McDonald’s on our way to a family weekend up north. It was late, our kids had (finally) fallen asleep and so we hit the […]

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Cheerios are for White People (or so their packaging would have me believe)

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Living in Canada, and specifically Toronto, makes me expect diversity in my advertising. In a country that prides itself on multiculturalism (on the surface, anyway—whether and how it goes deeper than that is a more complicated topic and beyond the scope of this post), most businesses, public institutions and community groups want to project an image of openness and inclusively. But my Cheerios box didn’t exactly give me that vibe the last time I picked it up . . .

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