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Having It All: Why We Need New Stories About Female Superheroes (TedxWaterlooWomen talk)

So here it is! On December 1, 2012, I gave a talk at TedxWaterlooWomen in Waterloo, Ontario. The event’s theme was “The Space Between” and my topic was “Having it […]

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Kevin Costner’s Master Class on Delivering a Eulogy

A few weeks back, Whitney Houston died and was buried. I’m not much of a Houston fan. Truthfully, I wouldn’t describe myself as a music fan. But as the news […]

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Four Ways Social Media is Changing Our Relationships with Celebrities

Today on Twitter: Alyson celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary. Charisma was in a car accident (she’s okay). David sent kind thoughts to a friend who had lost his mother. If […]

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