John Tesh

A Second Year of The Analytic Eye (2011 to 2012)

The Analytic Eye is now two years in existence. The blog launched September 26, 2010. You can read my first yearly wrap-up of The Analytic Eye here. Fun milestones this […]

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Dear HigherEd Communicators: John Tesh is Kicking Our Asses

Yes, you read that right. John Tesh. John, “I used to host Entertainment Tonight in the days when Mary Hart’s legs were insured for a million dollars each,” Tesh. John, […]

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Four Ways Social Media is Changing Our Relationships with Celebrities

Today on Twitter: Alyson celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary. Charisma was in a car accident (she’s okay). David sent kind thoughts to a friend who had lost his mother. If […]

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